About Maktron
Solar Power
Maktron Solar is Asia’s leading distributed energy company providing low-carbon energy solutions to Industrial and Commercial customers. Maktron provides clean energy to its clients by setting up both on-site solar projects (rooftop and ground-mounted) and off-site solar farms (open access solar plants). Today, Maktron owns and manages a portfolio of 500 MWp of operational and under construction distributed solar assets comprising 12+ projects spread over across 3 states in India.
What sets Maktron
Customized Energy Solutions
We understand the requirements of our customers to offer them solutions that suit their requirements. From carports and superstructures to energy efficiency and EV charging infrastructure, we have implemented customized solutions across various projects.
Cost of solar power has decreased rapidly during last years and solar power can offer affordable renewable electricity from large scale installations and rooftop solutions. We offer competitive and sustainable consumer and B2B solar solutions in Nordic markets.
Team of Professionals with Global Exposure
We have 50+ team of dedicated professionals who have global exposure across industries and functional expertise starting from business acquisition to project delivery.

Maktron offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems, solutions and services to optimize the performance, reliability and return on investment of any solar installation – from residential rooftops to commercial and industrial applications and utility-grade power plants.
End-to-End Solution
One of the biggest challenges facing the renewable sector is the need to balance supply and demand. The power supplied by photovoltaic (PV) modules fluctuates heavily depending on weather conditions. PV modules supply power in the form of direct current (DC). This has to be converted to alternating current (AC) before it can be fed into the grid and be either consumed locally or transmitted to the point of use. Solar inverters convert DC to AC. Combining solar panels with energy storage systems is one effective way of synchronizing supply and demand. Efficient and reliable power semiconductors and inverter technologies are required to convert DC to AC and transmit the power with minimal losses. Depending on their implementation topologies, inverters fall into the micro-inverter, power optimizer,string inverter or central inverter categories.